By Pam Langlotz Kinetico Marketing Services Specialist (and mom)

Back to school already? Yes, some schools are starting the new year in the next week or two. Mine are headed back on August 17th and they are not happy about it!  I have mixed feelings. It’s been so hot that it’s impossible to get them out of the house. All anyone feels like doing is sitting in a cool spot, drinking ice water or eating popsicles. Which got me to thinking, this hot weather could very well last through the first month of school and possibly into September. Proper hydration has become an increased necessity and a habit that my kids have picked up due to the heat. What are they going to do for water during school?


The Langlotz kids – Megan, Matthew and Teddy

Good hydration is important to all living things but especially children. Childhood is an important period of development and water is necessary for proper brain function. Children who aren’t properly hydrated are lethargic, weak and have trouble concentrating. They need to drink regularly, throughout the day, but that isn’t always possible during school hours. (And, according to my children, the water out of the school drinking fountain tastes “yucky.” Spoken like kids who’ve grown up with Kinetico water.) So, how does one keep children hydrated during the school year? Here are some ideas for you to try at home or to share with your friends.
  • Encourage them to drink a glass of water when they wake up in the morning.
  • If the school allows, send a full water bottle with them to sip from throughout the day.
  • Pack water in their lunch instead of a sugary juice box.
  • Have them eat their water. We get 20% of our daily water intake from fruits and vegetables. The ones that contain the most water are, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, celery, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe and baby carrots.
  • Have a glass of water ready for them when they get home.
  • What’s for dinner? A big glass of water of course with a side of spaghetti and garlic toast. (Basically, keep pushing the water any time your kids are with you!)
Stay cool and hydrated!


A rarity, Teddy drinking from a water fountain. He must have been super thirsty!