Back To School Hydration

By Pam Langlotz Kinetico Marketing Services Specialist (and mom) Back to school already?  Yes, some schools are starting the new year in the next week or two. Mine are headed back on August 17th and they are not happy about it!  I have mixed feelings. It’s been so hot that it’s impossible to get them out of the […]

How To Change Your Filter Cartridge

Do you own a whole house water filter cartridge system and sometimes forget the steps required to change the cartridge? Water filter maintenance should be done regularly, but it’s easy to overlook a step. So our maintenance technicians put together a how-to paper we think will be helpful in making your water filter maintenance go as smooth as possible.   Please Note: All cartridge/bag style […]

Alkaline Water Ionizers – Essential Buying Guide

After four years of research, interviews with professionals such as metallurgists, doctors and engineers, and with consistant follow up field testing of alkaline water machines, we’ve discovered the two most important features to consider when investing in a home water ionizer. These features are not disclosed in online product comparison guides and haven’t been found anywhere else. […]

What Filter Is Best For My Water?

Determining the best drinking water filter is one of the most commonly asked questions of our H2O pros. There are a number of things to consider prior to making a recommendation. It all comes down to, quite simply–what’s in your water. This is precisely why a reputable water treatment company will offer free water testing, and the […]

How Often Should Well Water Be Tested?

The most common question consumers have about their water  is whether or not  it is safe and healthy to drink. For private well owners this is a difficult question to answer unless the well has a treatment system that is certified to eliminate/reduce the most common contaminants. Water quality can change at any time and particularly with the seasons, so […]

5 Ways To Keep Your House Clean

Our modern lifestyles encourage busy schedules. We all want to be able to work hard, spend time with our loved ones, pursue our interests and keep our homes clean with time to spare. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day. We understand how hard it can be to balance everything we need to […]

How To Deal With Frozen Pipes

Unfortunately, frozen water pipes are one of the harsh realities of the winter season. When outside temperatures drop to below freezing, it’s not uncommon for the water in your pipes to turn to ice. As freezing water expands, the pressure inside your pipes begins to change- which can cause a pipe to burst and in […]

Letter From Logan

We love hearing from kids. Here’s one of our favorites from Logan in Florence, Oregon.   And our response: Dear Logan, Thank you for sending us a sample of your water. I hope you were able to look at the other email that was sent to “The Logan Family” from our Water Testing Group, which […]

Are you prepared for winter?

Freezing weather is coming and you need to protect your water system, here are few simple steps to help Reduce the Risk of Freeze Damage. Pump House & Garage Turn on a faucet when temperatures drop. Moving water – a good drip is sufficient and less likely to freeze. Turn up the flow at the first sign […]

Top 10 Causes of Drinking Water Outbreaks!

If you’re like most people, you don’t typically worry about the quality of water coming out of your faucet.  With the regulations in place by local governments, why would you?  The water is put through rigorous testing and quality control efforts to ensure the purest water is being passed on to you; or is it? […]

Why is my Water Bill so High?

Imagine this; you work hard all month conserving water in an effort to reduce your outrageous water bills, but no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to lower those bills. This is a very common situation; there are a lot of different problems that can waste water and cost you money. At Shiloh […]

Why is my Water Pressure so Low?

We have all been there before; you step into the shower, expecting a steady supply of hot water, but instead you are met with an inadequate stream of water that leaves you disappointed and shivering. That is just one of the inconveniences that low water pressure can cause. At Shiloh Water Systems, we know all […]

Testing for Contaminants in Your Drinking Water

While it is rare, water contamination can be a very serious problem. There are laws and regulations in place that are designed to ensure that the drinking water we use is safe for human consumption, but they aren’t always 100 percent effective. That is why it’s important that you know the major contaminants that exist […]

Why is my Water Discolored?

When you turn on your faucet, you probably expect the water that comes out to be clean and clear; however, sometimes that is not the case. At Shiloh Water Systems, we have been installing water filters and water softening systems in Oregon homes for more than a decade. We are very familiar with the many […]

Lead in Your Drinking Water

Our water system is not without its flaws, however. Contaminants can still leak into your drinking water after the water has been tested and cleared. At Shiloh Water Systems, we specialize in installing whole house water filters and water softeners in Portland, Oregon. We have written this guide to help you determine if there is […]