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While it is rare, water contamination can be a very serious problem. There are laws and regulations designed to ensure that drinking water is safe for human consumption, but they aren’t always 100 percent effective. That is why it’s important to know the major contaminants that exist and how to detect them in your water. At Shiloh Water Systems, we have been testing water in Oregon homes for more than a decade. We have written this helpful guide to show you how to test for and identify the most common water contaminants.

Ever since 1974, when the Safe Drinking Water Act was passed into law, the Environmental Protection Agency has had authority over setting water quality standards. The EPA is also responsible for Oregon Water Filtration Sysemsoverseeing the water suppliers that follow those standards. Every private or public community water supplier is required to test their water at least once a year to provide their customers with Consumer Confidence Reports. These reports are designed to show the quality of your drinking water. They often list the source of your water and what kinds of contaminants were found in it. The EPA lists more than 90 different contaminants that should routinely be tested for in drinking water. Pay close attention to these reports to stay on top of any news regarding the safety or quality of your drinking water.


While the EPA’s testing is pretty thorough, these quality tests are performed at public water facilities, before the water has been piped over a considerable distance to reach your home. Sometimes contaminants can find their way into your drinking water during it’s journey through your pipes. Some of the most common sources of water contamination are sewage overflows, manufacturing or mining processes, and the use of fertilizers or pesticides. If you notice that your drinking water is emitting a foul odor, tastes funny or is staining or rusting the metal appliances in your home, it could be a sign that your water is contaminated. There are cheap water test kits out there that can detect certain contaminants, but they aren’t very precise. They may also miss harmful contaminants that they aren’t designed to detect. If you really want an accurate water test, you have to find a reputable company in your area that provides high quality water testing.


At Shiloh Water Systems, we specialize in water testing and water filtration in Oregon. We will perform a free water test for your home that will detect any harmful contaminants that are present. Once we have identified the specific contaminants that are in your water, we can go about eliminating them from your water supply. You and your family’s health is a priority, so if you’ve noticed any strange tastes or odors in your drinking water – don’t delay. Contact us today.