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Salem Water Services

At Shiloh Water Systems we are proud to be the #1 water system experts in the state of Oregon. We provide our customers in Salem with water system installation and repairs, as well as comprehensive water testing and filtration. When it comes to safe drinking water, you want what is best for you and your family. Our Salem customers know that they can rely on us to provide quality service and on-going maintenance.

Unlike the vast majority of other companies, we offer free water testing in Oregon. If you suspect that your water is contaminated or something is wrong with it, we can send out one of our skilled technicians to confirm your suspicions. They will test your water for pH levels, hardness, coliform bacteria and other contaminants. If there is something wrong with your drinking water, we will find it. We have an assortment of products and services that provide water filtration solutions. We can install custom designed water pumps, pressure tanks, water filters and other water systems in your home. Our installations are always prompt and organized. We will give you access to pure drinking water as soon as we possibly can, and we wont leave a mess behind when we leave. If any of your water systems begin to function improperly, we will send one of our dedicated technicians out to repair the problem. We provide our customers with continued maintenance service, so you wont have to worry if you experience any issues with your drinking water.

Salem Oregon Water Filtration Products

  • Reverse Osmosis

    The K5 Drinking Water Station is a reverse osmosis water filtration product that is available in the Salem, Oregon area.A The K5 Drinking Water Station is our most comprehensive drinking water system and it uses multiple stages of filtration, including reverse osmosis technology, to remove just about everything from your water that isnt water. The K5 is the most advanced reverse osmosis system available, with unparalleled features and benefits. Give us a call to learn more about how you can get this system in your Salem area home. Water filtration is very important for a lot of reasons, of which number one is safety. Unknown to a lot of home owners are the potential threat of water born pathogens that can make you and your family sick. Contact us today to learn how to protect the quality of your drinking water by our Salem Oregon water purification system.

  • Hard Water Treatment

    Water Softening Systems are also available for our customers in Salem. These products work through a process known as Hard Water Treatment which removes calcium and magnesium from the water. A Visit our Products page for more information about Hard Water Treatment products and contact us today about acquiring Water Filtration Systems in Salem, Oregon. Hard water can interfere with cleaning including laundry and dish washing. The effects of hard water on clothing can leave them looking dingy and feel harsh and scratchy to the touch. Hard water will cause film deposits on glass and leave you with a similar film on your skin after bathing. Mineral deposits can also build up around your drains and faucets causing them to back up and clog more frequently. If you notice any side effects like these, you may have hard water.

  • Whole House Water Filters

    The Water Purification provided by whole house water filters affects more than just your drinking water. There are a lot of side effects of having hard water and water born pathogens in your home. Water Purification for your drinking water is important but shower/sink water should also be purified to truly keep your family protected. Our whole house water filtration systems are affordable, durable and long lasting. Contact us today to learn more about what products we have available in the Salem, Oregon market and how you can protect your family with a product like this. We also carry pumps which are designed to improve water pressure in your home.

Our office is located in Mt. Angel, Oregon, which is just a short drive from Salem. In addition to the Salem/Keizer area, we also serve Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Gresham, and all of the other communities included in the Portland metro area. Please contact us if you have any questions about our Salem, Oregon water purification system or if you would like to get a free estimate for our service.