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Water Purification Products, Oregon City

At Shiloh Water Systems, we are devoted to providing our customers in Oregon City with the absolute highest level of quality service. We are water testing and water systems experts and can test for and take care of any water predicaments that you might encounter in your home. Our whole house water filters and water softening systems are second to none in quality and durability.

A lot of things can go wrong with your water system. Your pumps could break down and might not be able to pump water into your storage tank. Without pumps, eventually, your system will run dry. Your storage tank could leak air or water, which would affect the water pressure of all of the faucets in your home. Your water filter can get clogged and overworked due to a lack of maintenance and cleaning. Our team of qualified and proficient technicians have the know-how to tackle any water issue, no matter how large or complicated it may be. We can repair and restore your outdated water pumps or storage tanks, or we can design and install brand new, customized pumps or pressure tanks that will significantly improve the efficiency of your water system. Our technicians will take the time and effort to carefully assess your water needs before we install any water systems. This allows us to design a system that will provide your home with an ample supply of water without being wasteful.

Reverse Osmosis

Most folks try their best to take care of their family, do a good job at work and stay healthy. We get life insurance, health insurance, and have regular medical checkups to ensure we’re in good health. But we don’t always take the necessary steps to stay healthy. Having a well-balanced nutritious diet is vital to wellness. Staying thoroughly hydrated is also very important. Most of our customers come to us with a concern about the quality of water they get from the tap. Even living in Oregon, where we have some of the best drinking water in the country, there are a lot of potential threats in your drinking water. Pathogens can enter your home’s water supply quite easily and they can come from a number of nasty sources causing all kinds of harmful sickness. Thanks to modern science we know exactly what could potentially be in our drinking water, and how to remove it. That’s where our reverse osmosis water filters come into play. We service the whole state of Oregon but provide exclusive service to the good folks of Oregon City. The drinking water distribution infrastructure of Oregon City and the surrounding areas face the challenges of managing decay and struggle to maintain a perfect product. Fortunately, Kinetico® Reverse Osmosis drinking water stations provide pure and clean water for you and your family in your home. Our comprehensive drinking water systems use multiple stages of filtration, including reverse osmosis technology, to remove just about everything from your water that isn’t water. These reverse osmosis water purification stations are available for our customers in Oregon City. Contact us today to learn more about acquiring a system like this for your home. We offer many drinking water stations by Kinetico® to our water purification customers in the Oregon City area.

Hard Water Treatment

Hard water is something that people often hear discussed but not everyone knows exactly what it is or what kinds of problems it can cause. We get asked a lot about hard water and have distilled the answers into a few straightforward statements. Hard water is water that has a lot of extra minerals in it. These minerals leave a film on your skin when you wash, they clog drains and leave deposits in sinks, toilets and bathtubs. Hard water also makes clothing feel dingy and crusty after washing. That all sounds pretty annoying but not life-threatening right? You got it. Although extra minerals in your water can cause some health-related side effects, it’s hardly ever the primary concern of our customers. Hard water can be really annoying and our solutions for hard water treatment are affordable and our technicians install them quickly without a bunch of time spent intruding in your home. At Shiloh Water Systems we install, maintain, repair and replace hard water softeners such as the Kinetico® Series hard water treatment systems. They operate electricity-free and are simply powered by the energy created from the water flowing through them. Theres nothing to plug in, no buttons to push, timers to set and reset or adjustments to make. If you notice any of the hard water symptoms above and are living in or around Oregon City, give us a call today. We are prompt, hard-working and would love an opportunity to install your new Oregon City hard water softener.

Whole House Water Filters

If your water quality is a concern to you and you’re looking for a solution for your entire home, our whole house water filters are the answer. Many of our whole house water filtration systems are installed in new homes during a contraction but also install in older homes. It is often more affordable to install a whole home water purification system than it would be to install several smaller systems throughout the house. In addition to purifying your drinking water, our Oregon City whole house water purification systems also cleans the water you use for everyday chores, bathing and washing clothes. This is a huge benefit as pathogens often enter the home via pipes not used for drinking water. These whole home water filtration systems purify your water with one fell swoop, making water quality concerns a thing of the past. Our whole-home systems are available to the residents of Oregon City and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a quote or to ask us questions about whole house water purification systems and availability in the Oregon City area.

We take pride in being able to offer our service to Oregon City and the entire Portland metro area including Lake Oswego, Tigard, Gresham, Beaverton and more. We also serve the cities of Salem, Newberg, Molalla and McMinnville. Contact us if you would like to ask us questions or if you would like to set up a free water test for your home.