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We love hearing from children. Here’s one of our favorites from Logan in Florence, Oregon.

And our response:

Dear Logan,

Thank you for sending us a sample of your water. I hope you were able to look at the other email that was sent to “The Logan Family” from our Water Testing Group, which contained the initial test results from the sample you submitted. We agree that everyone should have safe and healthy water and we’re glad that someone like you, at such a young age, recognizes the importance of this and is genuinely concerned about your water and it’s affect on your family’s health. Many kids take their drinking water for granted and don’t understand that just because the water looks good and tastes good, doesn’t mean that it is healthy.

The Public Works Department tests your city’s water and has basic, general standards or guidelines, which are enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the maximum allowable contaminants that can be present in the city’s water supply; however, it is up to each and every family to make sure the water in their home is as healthy as they would like it to be.

Picture yourself at the Water Treatment Plant dropping a piece of spaghetti (without the sauce ; 0 ) – into the water at the plant. This piece of spaghetti will travel through miles and miles of pipes and will then come out of the faucet at your kitchen sink. Would you want to eat that piece of spaghetti? This is where a Water Filtration Professional comes into the picture. We help families figure out which drinking water filter or system is best for their family, based on the goals they have for the water in their home.

There are two basic choices for treating drinking water; filtered water, or purified water. Filtered water targets specific contaminants like lead and chlorine, while purification takes out not just chlorine and metals, but all the bad stuff. We recommend either system for people in Florence depending on the goals they have for the water in their home.Thank you again for taking the time to write to us and for sending in your water sample. If there is anything else I can do for you or if you have any other questions, feel free to respond to this email or you can call our office and ask for Nathan: 866.873.1110.