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Our water system is not without its flaws, however, contaminants can still leak into your drinking water after the water has been tested and cleared. At Shiloh Water Systems, we specialize in installing whole house water filters and water softeners in Portland, Oregon. We have written this guide to help you determine if there is lead in your drinking water.Whole House Water Filters - Water Testing in Oregon

Lead is a toxic heavy metal that has been known to cause a wide variety of health problems, especially in young children. Children who have high concentrations of lead in their blood are often plagued by learning disabilities and stunted growth.  Unfortunately, lead was widely used in plumbing and water service lines before 1986. Eventually the water will start to corrode the pipes, releasing lead particles into your water. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to minimize you and your family’s exposure to lead.

Flushing FaucetOne thing you should do if your home has a lead service line is “flush” your pipes every time you use the faucet by running the water for a short time. The longer your water sits in your lead pipes, the more lead it will contain. Remember that ‘flushing’ for too long is bad for the environment and your water bill, so exercise caution when utilizing this method.

Another thing you can do is avoid using hot water for drinking or preparing food. Heated water is more corrosive, and will likely contain more lead than cold water. It is also a wise idea to get your water tested to find out just how much lead is in your water. Having a distiller or filter installed is the best step if the test reveals high levels of lead in your water.

At Shiloh Water Systems, we specialize in installing whole house water filters. We have been water testing in Oregon for more than 10 years, and we are very proficient at identifying and eliminating lead in drinking water.