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Do You Have Hard Water?

WhenBlock_of_ice someone says hard water, the first thing that may come to mind is an ice cube, but surprisingly that is not what hard water actually is. Hard water is water that contains minerals such as dissolved calcium or magnesium. While hard water is usually not harmful to someone’s health, it can be damaging to equipment and appliances that use water. There are several warning signs that you have hard water.
Faucet residue The minerals in hard water react with metal household objects such as pots, pans and shower-heads. When they react, a white film is left behind, and hard water can also cause a ring-like stain to form in your tub after you have taken a bath. Hard water also affects your laundry. It can make clothes harder to wash which leads to a shorter lifespan for your clothes and linen. Hard water causes minerals to build up in your water heater which makes it run inefficiently, and as a result, this may increase your heating bills and decrease your water heaters lifespan. Dry skin and hair is another indicator that you have a hard water problem. Hard water makes it difficult to wash off soap scum, which dries on your skin and hair and dries it out. Plumbing will also take a beating from hard water and the minerals can clog pipes over time and make them corrode faster.
There is something you can do to eliminate hard water. Kinetico, a global organization that sells water softeners and filters, offers products that have been proven to eliminate hard water. Shiloh Water Systems is a company based in Silverton, Oregon that is an authorized independent dealer of Kinetico water softening systems. We have been doing free water testing Oregon homes for more than a decade and have years of professional experience installing and repairing every kind of water system you can think of.