THE SIMPLE PUMP™ the Perfect Complement to your Existing Water Supply

Hand Operated | Motorized (perfect for Solar) | Functions as Backup or Primary Pump | Shallow or Deep Wells (to 350’ water level, with moderate effort.)
This hand-operated water pump functions as a reliable secondary backup right beside your existing submersible well pump. Therefore, next time the power goes out, you will have peace of mind, knowing you can continue to have clean water to drink, shower/bathe in etc.
Dependability is an absolute must when you are in need of clean, fresh water. Or you may be in need of an alternative water source under current household conditions. Regardless of your situation, if you’ve read this far, you are intrigued by the notion of a simple, dependable pump that can provide fresh water off the grid. The question then is not “IF” this type of pump is a good idea…it’s more a question of “which pump would be best and how quickly can I get one?”
Unmatched in the Industry
Most hand pumps are unable to fit alongside a submersible pump in a 4” or 6” well.
Classic pitcher pumps reach only around 25 feet. The majority of other hand pumps only extend half as deep as the Simple Pump’s 350 foot water level.
Simple Pump delivers up to five gallons per minute directly into your pressurized household pluming system. Pumping into the typical home system of around 45-50 psi is a piece of cake.
Low Cost of Ownership
Typical routine maintenance is required every 3 – 10 years at a cost of about $25 for new seals.
Comes with a 5-year parts guarantee. Aircraft-grade stainless steel and aluminum are computer machined from billets of metal for maximum precision and strength. Graphite-impregnated bronze bushings at the three pump-head pivot points add remarkable stability & durability.
The Simple Pump is freeze-proof featuring a 1/16” weep hole drilled 48 inches from the top, or at whichever depth you require. Water bleeds down to below the frost line when the pump is not being used.
The only metal coming into contact with your water is completely lead-free, CNC-machined stainless steel. Additionally, all components are Safe Drinking Water Act compliant.
If you will be away from your residence, for extended periods of time, you may remove the pump lever and lower the pump head, for a protected, less conspicuous presentation.
Motorized Simple Pump Option
No other hand pump offers upgrade capability to motorized operation—and back again…Quite literally, in a matter of minutes, you can add a motor to your pump, And—you can switch right back to hand operation, quickly and effortlessly.
Available in 12v & 24v models.
Any source of DC current will drive the motor. The most used source is solar. Simple Pump is extremely power-efficient and can, in many areas, be run from just one solar panel.
This money-saving motor pumps up to 150 gallons per hour…for just a few cents a day.
In Summary
• With a Simple Pump, it’s easy and affordable to get the water you need, inside and outside.
• No other pump has the balance of economy and quality that Simple Pump offers.
• We agree there is simply no better pump in this category, at any price, which is why Shiloh Water Systems has become an Authorized Simple Pump Dealer.
• We would be delighted to help you design the customized Simple Pump solution for your home.