3 Simple But Unexpected Ways to Conserve Water

Water conservation is a vital part of more sustainable living. We’re sure you and your family are already taking steps to reduce your water usage at home by doing things like taking shorter showers and washing your dishes on the economy setting on your dishwasher. But here are 3 more ways you can conserve water which will help our environment and keep your water bill down.

1. Re-use your humidifier waterre-using your humidifier water

One unexpected way you can reduce your water consumption is by reusing your dehumidified water. Most people just throw the water from their humidifiers down the drain, but that water is harmless and can be used to water your plants or your garden.


2. Think about your food’s ‘water footprint’

Consider your food's carbon footprintAnother thing you can do that most people never think about is recognizing the water footprint of your food. For instance, it takes a lot more water to raise cattle then it takes to raise chickens, and mangos consume more water than tangerines. Taking into account your food’s water footprint can go a very long way in saving water.


3. Don’t leave the faucet runningWashing_vegetables_under_faucet

Instead of washing your produce under a running faucet, consider washing your fruits and vegetables in a pot of water. A lot of water is wasted down the drain whenever you wash your food under a running faucet, and if you use a pot you can use the water that is left over to water your plants or your garden, essentially making it so you wasted zero water during the process.


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Simple But Unexpected Ways to Conserve Water
Water is the elixir of life. It is the most important resource on Earth because without water, nothing would survive. There are many simple things you can do to save water that you may have never thought about.