Sulfur Removal

At Shiloh Water Systems, we take great pride in being Oregon’s premiere water filtration system specialists. No other water company in the area can boast the same level of customer service and quality work. We conduct free Whole House Water Filters Oregonwater tests, provide maintenance and repairs to your existing water systems, and we also install the best water filtration systems Oregon has to offer.

Sulfur is commonly found in drinking water in the U.S. It is not bad for your health, but it does come with a host of other problems. There are two main types of sulfur found in drinking water; hydrogen sulfide, which is a gas, and hydrogen sulfate, which is a naturally-occurring mineral. Hydrogen sulfide in drinking water is often the result of a leaking gas line, and is most commonly found in well water. It causes your water to take on a “rotten egg smell” that can be quite off putting, and it can also stain your silverware. Hydrogen sulfate can cause a scale-like film to build up in your pipes and can corrode iron, copper, steel and other metals. Sulfur can be a huge nuisance, but we can test your water for sulfur concentrations and install whole house water filters that are capable of completely filtering out all of the sulfur in your drinking water. With our diligent service, your drinking water will be pure and safe to drink for years and years.

Whole House Water Filters

Please contact us for more information regarding water impurities and filtration products we can install to solve your water problems.  Please fill out our online form for your free water test!  Once we’ve tested your water, we’ll make recommendations for the best filtration products for your home.